Born from a passion for action, TECALLI is indeed where ideas are reality.

This is the result of a team with an exceptional energy driven by the desire of making things better.

Working continuously to improve its products, looking for services and refining techniques, TECALLI monitors constantly in order to offer its customers and partners, the best of what exists on the Web.
For TECALLI, every project, product and service is a platform that transforms into success for clients and partners, thus enabling to increase the benefit for everyone involved.






Our Services

Website design
Website designs are designed to be attractive, clean and Professional that are easy to navigate.
A unique designed website template will be created according to your requirements, including a Color scheme, Graphics and Design layout.

We host your website on one of the best hosting servers in Canada. Your website will be secure, reliable and easy to manage through an intuitive content management system.

Marketing deployment
The main goal is to increase and maximize the revenue for your company.
The strategy is using all resources available *
-to increase sells on-line,
-to encourage local customers to come to your store,
-to stimulate potential partners in doing business with your company.

Community Focused solutions
Solutions are designed in order to build communities. TECALLI will provide mechanisms to create links between companies who have something to offer and consumer who can be benefited. It could be a service, a product, a business, information and so on.


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*resources available:


Calendar events, Blog posts, Forums, Polls, Galleries, Job listings, Classifieds and much more